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Аксессуары для сетевого оборудования

Бренд PartNumber Наименование Цена
Allied Telesis AT-RS232-DCE-00 RS232 DCE Cable for AR330, 350, 370 Routers and AR023 Synchronous Serial Interfaces 7,612.20
Allied Telesis AT-RS232-DTE-00 RS232 DTE Cable for AR330, 350, 370 Routers and AR023 Synchronous Serial Interfaces 7,612.20
Allied Telesis AT-V.35-DTE-00 DTE Cable V.35 for connection to modem and/or CSU/DSU (from AT-AR3xx serie & AT-AR023) 7,612.20
Allied Telesis AT-V.35F-00 DCE Cable V.35 for back to back connection (from AT-AR3xx & AT-AR023) 7,612.20
Allied Telesis AT-X.21-DTE-00 DTE Cable X.21 for connection to Modem (from AT-AR3xx serie & AT-AR023) 7,612.20
Audiocodes IPP-PS-WR-EU-L-1U Power Supply 12VDC/1A Wall Mount EU Type 100-240VAC, DC Plug 5.5x2.5x9.5mm L-Type 2m cable 2,664.27
Ciena communications NT6Q33AAE5 OME6110 HDE Front DC PSU 90W Dual-feed 63,435.00
Ciena communications NT6Q33MAE5 OME6110 HDE REAR DC PSU 90W DUAL-FEED 63,435.00
Ciena communications NT6Q34AAE5 OME6110 HDE AC POWER SUPPLY UNIT 90W 84,580.00
Ciena communications NT6Q35ABE5 6110 HDE FAN TRAY 42,290.00
Ciena communications NT6Q40AAE5 OME 6130 - DC Power Supply (order for spare) 37,299.78
Ciena communications NT6Q41AAE5 OME 6130 - AC Power Supply 93,038.00
Ciena communications NT6Q42ABE5 OME 6130 - Fan tray with filter 62,589.20
Cisco CP-BATT-7925G-EXT= Cisco 7925G Battery Extended 8,035.10
Cisco CP-DX650-K9= Cisco Desktop Collaboration Experience DX650 168,737.10
Cisco CP-PWR-7925G-CE= Cisco 7925G Power Supply for Central Europe 3,806.10
Cisco CP-PWR-CUBE-3= IP Phone power transformer for the 7900 phone series 3,806.10
Cisco CP-PWR-DC7925G-CE= Cisco 7925G Desk Top Charger Power Supply For Europe 3,806.10
Cisco PWR-IE3000-AC= IE 3000 Power transformer 35,079.56
Cisco PWR-IE50W-AC= IE3000/2000 AC Power Module (updated) 33,409.10
Cisco sb PA100-EU PA100-EU Блок питания Power Supply for Linksys VoIP Products 5V/2A 668.18
D-link DMC-920R WDM медиаконвертер с 1 портом 10/100Base-TX и 1 портом 100Base-FX с разъемом SC (ТХ: 1310 нм; RX: 1550 нм) для одномодового оптического кабеля (до 20 км) 3,704.60
D-link DMC-920T WDM медиаконвертер с 1 портом 10/100Base-TX и 1 портом 100Base-FX с разъемом SC (ТХ: 1550 нм; RX: 1310 нм ) для одномодового оптического кабеля (до 20 км) 3,704.60
D-link DPS-500A/A1A Redundant Power Supply provides up to 140 watts output power 30,617.96
D-link DPS-700/A1A, DPS-700/A, DPS-700/A2A Redundant Power Supply 48V for DGS-3426, DGS-3427, DGS-3450, DGS-3612G, DGS-3627, DGS-3627G, DGS-3120-48TC, DGS-3420-28TC, DGS-3420-28SC, DGS-3420-52T, DGS-3620-28TC, DGS-3620-28SC, DGS-3620-52T 76,544.90
D-link DPS-800, DPS-800/E 2-slot chassis allows 2 DPS-200, DPS-300, DPS-500 and/or DPS-500DC to be deployed in a standard equipment rack 7,654.49
D-link DPS-CB400 4m power cable for DPS-xxx 7,350.00
Hewlett packard J9767A#ABB HP IP Phone 5V Power Supply 2,368.24
Hewlett packard J9828A HP 5400R 700W PoE+ zl2 Power Supply 61,489.66
Hewlett packard JC087A#ABB HP 5800 300W AC Power Supply 37,384.36
Hewlett packard JC680A#ABB HP 58x0AF 650W AC Power Supply 59,375.16
Hewlett packard JD227A#ABB HP 7500 6000W AC Power Supply 400,824.62
Huawei CX7M1PWA Блок питания S5700C,CX7M1PWA,AC Power Module 10,995.40
Huawei LS5D00E2XX00 Интерфейсная карта,  Оптический интерфейс 2-Port 10GE XFP Optical Interface Card 42,290.00
Huawei LS5D00E2XY00 Интерфейсная карта,  LS5D00E2XY00 Интерфейсная карта 2-Port 10GE SFP+ 50,748.00
Huawei LS5D00E4GF00 4-Port GE SFP Optical Interface Card (LS5D00E4GF00) 50,748.00
Huawei LS5D00E4XY00 Интерфейсная карта,  Плата LS5D00E4XY00 76,122.00
Huawei LS5DSTACK200 Стековые платы для 5300 -LS5DSTACK200 33,832.00
Huawei LS5M100PWA00 Блок питания АС Power Module 10,995.40
Huawei LS5M100PWD00 Блок питания DC Power Module (LS5M100PWD00) 8,458.00
Huawei W0PSA5000 Блок питания для S6300 Series Ethernet Switches 500W AC 16,916.00
Juniper EX-PWR-320-AC EX 4200 and EX 3200 320W AC Power Supply 38,061.00
Juniper EX-PWR3-930-AC 930W AC Power Supply with PoE+ Capability for EX4200, EX3200 and EX-RPS-PWR-930-AC (Power Cord needs to be ordered separately) 114,183.00
Juniper JPSU-350-AC-AFI JPSU-350-AC-AFI EX 4300 350W AC Power Supply 41,867.10
Juniper SRX600-PWR-645AC-POE SRX600-PWR-645AC-POE SPARE: 645W AC-source Power Supply Unit for SRX550/SRX650. Provides 397W System Power @ 12V and 247W POE Power @ 50VDC. - Works with 90-250VAC input. Excludes Power Cord . 76,122.00
Netgear APS300W-10000S Spare 300W PSU for XSM7224S 41,133.79
Nortel AL1905B03-E5 Ethernet Routing Switch 5600 redundant 300W AC power supply. For use in the ERS5698TFD, 5650TD, and 5632FD. [EUED RoHS 5/6 compliant]. EU Power Cord 26,230.80
Zyxel PoE12-HP ZyXEL PoE12-HP 802.3at PoE Injector 6,005.18